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Junoon Front Man Salman Ahmed to Play at Joe’s Pub


My friend, and Junoon singer and guitarist, Salman Ahmed will be playing to shows at Joe’s Pub Saturday, June 24 at 7:30 and 9:30.  Seeing Salman play live is like having a divine, spiritual experience.  He is not only an amazing musician; Salman is inspired by Sufism, a beautiful and “mystical” path of Islam, and incorporates it into his music.  Junoon has sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

Born in Pakistan, Salman and his wife, Samina, are humanitarians and work tirelessly to promote better understanding between the western and Muslim world, end the spread of AIDS, and work towards peace.  Salman is a UN Ambassador for HIV/AIDS.   

I’ll report more after the show.  For tickets, log onto Joe’s Pub here


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